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Life Coaching

Life is a journey to explore and take risks to uncover your true passion, and a coach is your guide, helping you navigate the terrane. We all want to live in alignment with our authentic-self, but the fact is it isn’t always that simple. It takes works. Hard, but rewarding work. We all have an innate light within us that is begging to shine, and some times all we need is a little extra nudge to help push through the clouds. That's where I come in.


Coaching is a partnership that provides a thought-provoking inspiring process and tools to maximize your personal and professional limits, so you can overcome obstacles and live the life you love.

As your coach, I am here to illuminate your unique talents and put potential into action. With me, you can expect a safe place to explore possibilities, remove obstacles, push your limits, take action, celebrate successes and enjoy the process along the way. Whether it's professional or personal aspirations, I am your trustworthy advocate, here to help you live authentically, passionately and purposefully, on your terms.

Life Coaching

There are times in life when we all could use a little help. A little help to forge the gap between where we are, or often times who we are, and where or whom we want to be.  It can be hard define and even harder to map out how to get from point A to point B. As your Life Coach, I will help you pinpoint the destination and chart the course to inner fulfillment.

  • Identify how to use your passions to your advantage

  • Understand your 'WHY' to build your confidence

  • Build on your strengths to create the desired change in your life

  • Gain confidence, direction, and love for life

  • Discover, clarify, and align with your purpose

  • Self-discovery and awareness

  • Develop solutions and strategies

  • Uncover and remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Take responsibility and accountability for setting your own course

Career Coaching
Image by Mael BALLAND

Career Coaching

We were all put on this planet for a purpose, and ideally, that purpose is also our career. I believe that career is one of life’s big journeys to finding yourself.  Whether you're a professional seeking career exploration, new beginnings, seizing opportunities or moving beyond perceived limits, begin living your life without boundaries so you can become aligned and move from "grinding" to flowing naturally in your career.

  • Set personal & professional goals

  • Build confidence in changing roles or increasing responsibility

  • Identify and leverage your core strengths

  • Communicate and express your ideas and position with clarity and ease

  • Effectively manage and overcome conflict 

  • Know your value and ask for what you deserve

  • Find fulfillment in your role

  • Advance your career

Corporate Coaching
Image by Peter Fogden

Leadership Coaching

As a leader it's your duty to develop and grow your team.  Leadership growth, however, can not be separated from personal growth.  Great leaders know who they are and lead from a place of authenticity, transparency and openness to evolve the organization, their teams and most importantly themselves. Take the journey to empower yourself to make decisions consciously while nurturing your needs and the vision for the organization.

  • Become more self-aware and therefore, more powerful

  • Improve personal and team performance

  • Communicate with greater ease, clarity and confidence

  • Shift dynamics in relationships with colleagues, clients and stakeholders

  • Improve your decision-making

  • Handle change and transition with greater ease

  • Find work/life balance

  • Resilience, the capacity to preserve and grow in a high-stress environment

  • Accountability, both personal and shared 


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