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Success Stories

"I met Hannah a little over two years ago when she took an opportunity at the company that I worked at and I’m so thankful that my path crossed with Hannah when it did. She was always someone that you could go to for advice or just to talk to and she always had a positive presence and attitude. She is someone that always listened to the problem at hand, no matter how small and always encouraged me to share what I thought needed to be done in the situation rather than just answering with what she recommended be done. She always encouraged me to come to her with solutions, rather than just problems and that has forever changed the way that I handle situations as well as my management style.


Hannah has always been someone that I have looked up to, as a mentor and friend. She is someone that I have admired and when she told me that she was interested and venturing out to become a life coach I was thrilled and knew immediately that she would do amazing things with it. While Hannah and I have been friends for a while, all of our conversations have circled around her being more of a coach and a mentor to me and we were able to sit down and do just that in our coaching calls. She has encouraged me to think on a deeper level and to really ask myself what it is that I love doing and has helped guide me to figuring out how to align that in both a professional and personal level.


Hannah is a hell of a coach and definitely someone that you want in your corner! I’d highly recommend scheduling some time with her and you will be able to see for yourself how easy she is to talk to and how these conversations can change your life in a positive way, both on a professional and personal level."

Amber Held / Human Resources Manager

"Hannah has been my coach and guiding light in my life for nearly 10 years. We have worked together both professionally and personally and let me tell you, there’s no better cheerleader and advocate you want in your corner. For countless areas in my life (career transitions, life challenges, relationships dynamics) she has offered, and continues to serve up, valuable insight and advice that energizes, empowers and inspires me into action. She has been a huge catalyst for my growth."

Lisa Merlotti / Founder & CEO, Mudita Marketing

"I have worked with Hannah in the past, and I have seen her passion and drive to help others succeed. She is an authentic and realistic leader who practices what she teaches. Hannah is very skillful in helping individuals to see their blinds spots - those issues that may be holding them back from achieving greater levels of success. Not only is Hannah able to help others see those blind spots, but she also has the ability to help them work through and address those areas. This is where Hannah really separates herself from the average coach. It is one thing to identify the issues and behaviors that may be halting progress, but it is a completely different skill set to be able to deal with those issues head on. I have personally seen Hannah do this in her previous, senior-leadership positions, and she does it with compassion and diplomacy. I would highly recommend Hannah as a personal coach."

Don Bruns / President, The Survey Institute

"Hannah and I worked together for 7 strong years during our tenure at Exelco Leasing. During her tenure Exelco Leasing developed into a powerhouse of a Company within our industry.

Hannah came on board as Chief Human Resources Officer in a capacity that entailed running and HR department for 4 separate entities that Exelco Leasing oversaw. A Distribution Company, A Food Service Manufacturing and Distribution Company and 2 separate Retail Companies.

Hannah was a Strategic Leader managing the HR components of the 4 separate and distinct companies with different rules, issues and accountabilities. She thrived in her position.


As CHRO, Hannah led and enhanced the Performance Management and Strategic Thinking of all companies through her HR expertise.


What really sets Hannah apart is her ability to observe, listen, formulate conclusions and dissect an issue or problem in a Strategic manner and present realistic solutions for both sides. She invests the time and energy and really looks at both sides and utilizes her skill sets to Coach employee’s and management through issues to an amicable resolution. Hannah is very humble in her approach.


I would recommend Hannah and her team for all coaching and development needs for professional, career and life aspects.

Perry Cheatham, SHRM-SCP / Chief Strategy Officer

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